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Allwein Carpet One Floor & Home is your one-stop shop for all things flooring. Rugs are a great addition to flooring, and we are experienced in all aspects. Never worry about spending tons of time finding that perfect rug again, we can customize anything you can think of. Our in-store process is fun and simple, and our experts can even give you advice on the best colors and styles for your room. We also have rugs in stock in our showroom, or if it’s easier, shop online at our Rugs.Shop website!

Benefits of custom area rugs 

In today’s world, area rugs are no longer just pieces of fabric that cover the floor. Area rugs protect hard surface floors, can be statement pieces in décor, and are a soft place to put your feet. Rugs can cover hard or soft surface flooring, and keep the floors underneath from getting damaged by shoes or oils on the bottom of feet. They can also serve as focal points of a room, drawing attention to an area and separating spaces. On the other hand, rugs can become part of a basic design to bring all the other elements of a room together. Area rugs are a soothing spot to land no matter what time of day. 

Our collection of area rugs includes different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. All of these are factors in how long a rug will last, how to clean it, and what it will look like in your home. Even small changes like the direction that a rug is laid can make a huge difference. Determine what you want out of the area rug you’re looking for, and we can help you find the patterns and texture you’re looking for. 


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Find the area rug you’ve been looking for all along on our Rugs.Shop website. From thousands to choose from, you’re sure to find something you love!

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