• May 26, 2015
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Create Zones in Your Kid's Room

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By Dvira Ovadia

A kid’s room should be able to shift and transform with the child as they grow. From toddler to teenager, kids love to spend time in their rooms.  At a young age they need a play area and at an older age they need a study area.  Whatever the criteria, I always try to maximize a bedroom space by ensuring that we create various zones. From sleep, store and play, whether the room is big or small-their needs to be proper consideration for all the components.  Choosing a bed that is properly proportioned to the space is the first step, make sure that the room still has some distance from all the other zones.  Create a study or play area by appointing a wall or floor space for this zone.  Storage is crucial to play and study areas, if the space allows consider a built-in, its money well spent to keep everything organized. It can be used to store toys, books, and even extra linens throughout their childhood.

kids room ideas

Art and wall murals can really jazz up a room, making it feel custom and distinct. Pulling tones from these features can help you create a color palate that works for your room and appeals to your child.

kids room ideas

When choosing colors, make sure you go for a mature palate that can be modified as the child grows.  Choosing big ticket items that are too juvenile will have you changing up the color scheme every few years.  Spend money on the staple items that are meant to last, like a bed, night table and lamps.  The rugs, accessories and décor items can be upgraded every 5-7 years.


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