Reclaimed Antique Wood Flooring


allwein-carpet-one-floor-home-annville-pa-reclaimned-antique-wood-flooringDiscover the Past with Antique Wood Floors at Allwein Carpet One Floor & Home in Annville, PA

The popularity of Reclaimed Wood is growing due to the unique character of each board, its lasting quality, connection to the past and the positive effect on the environment. Our historic vintage wood floors are created from salvaged lumber from various structures out of the past.

Antique wood floors, or reclaimed wood flooring, are made of salvaged timbers from historic buildings in strategic parts of the country. Created from the floorboards, beams, and paneling of barns and other structures, antique wood floors have an age-worn look connecting us to history. As we walk on antique wood floors, we are reminded of the spirit of the early settlers and developers who harvested and cut these planks by hand. Every piece of wood has a lifetime of stories to tell; some have even witnessed the very birth of our nation and can provide glimpses of our shared heritage.

An important bonus of using reclaimed wood is that it also helps to reduce the ecological impact of any construction project; when wood is repurposed, fewer live trees must be felled.

Visit our showroom and see for yourself the antique look and feel of this authentic vintage wood!